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My iPad May 14, 2010

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I started out with a WiFi iPad but then got a 3G model when they came out.  At first I did not think that 3G would be that useful but being able to walk or drive around away from a hotspot and still be able to have access to the internet is pretty cool.  I have a Verizon MiFi that I used with the WiFi only iPad but the built in 3G is much smoother.


Most Important Apps on my iPad May 14, 2010

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IBooks – free book reader app from Apple

Citrix Receiver – Citrix XenApp client – with a few clicks, have all of your enterprise PC applications available on your iPad

CSV Touch – csv file reader – download and store database lists of all kinds on your iPhone/iPad. Currently I am exporting data from an ERP system into csv formatted files and using this to give outside salesmen price lists, AR lists, Open Order lists, Sales Analysis, and a Employee Contact listing. This app could be used for any list of data you have.

LogMeIn Ignition – iPad client for remote desktop application. Kinda expensive for an iPad app but worth it for those times that you really have to remote into a PC or server, on the go.

pTerm – telnet for iPad

Appzilla – iPhone application but runs on iPad fine. This app has over 50 apps built in, from timers, to farts, to a crystal ball.

Weather Bug for iPad – amazing free weather must have app

SlingPlayer – if you have a sling box, you gotta have this client. Watch TV from anywhere. It is for the iPhone but works in the iPad.

Air Video and Stream to Me – stream video from your own video collection. Currently I am using Air Video but Stream to Me also streams audio so I want to try this one too. For video, I am saving all my DVDs in mp4 format. Streaming works great with no skipping over wifi. Have not tried over 3G yet as that requires additional setup.

RoboForm – secure password manager which syncs with online and PC version of same.

iSpy – view hundreds of public cameras throughout the world. Cannot manually add cameras to the list but is interesting to see what is going on.

Live Cams – view many publick cameras. Includes the ability to manually add personal cameras to the applications. So if you have any IP based network cameras, you can view them with this app.

ForeFlight – If you are a private pilot, you gotta have this. Has airport diagrams, sectional charts, IFR plates, live weather, everything you need.

Netflix – stream movies from your Netflix account direct to your iPad. Pretty cool.

Early Edition – good rss reader in newspaper format. Add your own rss feeds.

ETrade – client for etrade.com

Yelp, Tellmewhere and AroundMe – uses current position and tells you businesses that are close by

ABC Player – watch ABC programming – cool must have app

Calculator XL – free calculator for iPad

GPS HD by Motion X – cheap GPS program but works great. Can use multiple maps. For $3 what do you have to loose?

Harbor Master – This is a fantastic game where you guide ships to docks to be unloaded without crashing into other ships. Easy when you have 4 or 5 ships but just wait. They also just added a new map which includes pirates and guns. Really addicting game.